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Under Draško’s Streja

It was named after Prof. Ređep, who has been staying at the salaš for the last ten years. His stay is linked to UU Moderna and Days of Moderna (now a traditional event that takes place largely at the salaš), as president of the art council and colony selector. This role previously belonged to our famous painter Olja Ivanjicki. As Professor Ređep always stays at the apartment 3 and 4, the terrace gets this look and name precisely because of Draško's height. Accommodation Under Draško's Streja consists of 3 apartments. Take a look at the apartments.

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House of writers, but also of the newlyweds

The house our writers - Aleksandar Gatalica, Vladimir Pištalo and Vladan Matijević stayed at. This house is most often the house of our newlyweds, hence it radiates love. The House of writers accommodation consists of 2 apartments.

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House of athletes

Athletes most often stay in it. Every year among them there are favorites and winners in the tennis tournament, so we also call it the winner's house. The house has 3 identical rooms Room 8, Room 9, Room 10; rooms with 2 single beds and a bathroom. House of athletes accommodation consists of 3 apartments.

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Celebration house

In addition to these four, there is the CELEBRATION HOUSE, the building where the reception is located, and there is also a common breakfast room, ie the dining room that everyone can use for preparing other meals as well.